MV: MHW Tutorial

This is a from-the-start-and-assume-nothing tutorial on setting up MV to use MHW. It looks long, but that's only because of the 'assume nothing' bit.

The example I will use is the Dutch MHW data. It assumes the plugin is already installed.

If I say 'Press DREAM->Input Menu->X' it means 'press dream on the remote, select the item input menu, then select the item X'.


You must be running the full version of MV (not the lite version) to do the setup.

  • Check mhwepg is on your box. That's the program which actually reads the data. It should be at /var/bin/mhwepg or /bin/mhwepg
  • Start the plugin
  • Press DREAM->Input Menu
  • switch channels to Nederland 1
  • Start the plugin.
  • You should see a green 'M' appear at the top of the screen, meaning that MV is reading MHW data. If not: try telnetting to your box and look at /var/tmp/mhwepg.out. The 'M' should disappear after 40 seconds or so.
  • Press '0' to reload data.
  • You should see a green 'U' appear at the top of the screen.
  • Press DREAM->Alias Manager
  • Press 0 to reload data.
  • Press 4 to switch to view 4
  • You should now have > 2 programs showing for the channels you selected on the right in the alias manager! Congratulations!

    Daily Usage

    Once setup is done, you can use the LITE version of MV if you like. To keep the data up to date, you need to open MV at e.g. Nederland 1/2/3 every couple of days. You can also do it from within MV by selecting a program in Nederland 1/2/3 and pressing TV (always update data) or OK (switch to channel and update data if necessary).