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The top/bottom of the MV window is missing because of my TV

Press DREAM->Edit View Geometry, use the cursor keys to move the window, use 2/4/6/8 to resize it, then press OK. Press HELP for more stuff you can do in the geometry window.

How can I arrange it so that MV starts with one button press (e.g. the red button) ?

That is reliant on the image maker, it's not possible with the DMM image. Some 3rd party images which include MV have a button map file, I can't help you with that.

Why does MV only work on a few images ?

MV is tightly integrated into enigma. Enigma is updated very often. It's not possible for me to build a version for every image variation that someone creates in their garden shed.

In addition, there's something wrong with my build environment :-)

I've gone To An MHW bouquet but MV isn't starting the read process

EPG data is only sent out on certain Transport Stream IDs. For instance, for Canal+ NL, EPG data is mainly only sent out on the same TSID as Nederland 1/2/3.

It could also be that MV's input definition file has incorrect TSIDs specified.

What channels can I read MHW data from ?

See the user guide.

How Do I Get Rid of that Green 'U' in the top left ?

The 'U' stands for 'unknown'. It appears when MV has read data for a channel that is not in your user bouquet and that you havn't told it about yet. Go the the alias manager (press MENU then select Alias Manager) and map all unknown channels in the left hand box. The 'U' will then no longer be displayed.

I only see a limited number of programs at once in some of the list views, how can I see more ?

By default, MV reads 24 hours worth of data into the future in order to keep load-times and memory usage useful. You can increase this by pressing DREAM->Input Menu and increasing the POST setting.
Other pages: Front Page, Download/Install, User Guide