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You will find on sourceforge binaries builds for some images.

However, many dreambox images have MV in their download menu. This is the best method to use.


If you install MV, you must configure a swap file.

The application itself (standard version) is currently around 500K. I have no idea of the extra memory used while running, it's dependent how many channels are in your bouquet.

If you have problems, here are some tips:


Please pick a tarball based on your image on sourceforge. If your image is not listed here it will probably NOT WORK!

If your image uses it's own download system (e.g. hydra, ruDream) I advise you to wait for it to be updated rather than installing yourself.


1) extract and inst_mv.tgz from zip file in binary mode.
2) transfer and inst_mv.tgz on your dreambox with ftp.
    ftp         <-- is IP adress for your dreambox
    cd /tmp
    put inst_mv.tgz
3) connect with telnet :
    cd /tmp
    sh ./
    rm inst_mv.tgz
4) configure MV :
    run MV (blue button --> MV)
    menu --> Configuration
       choose data sources.
    menu --> Download EPG data
    menu --> Alias Manager
5) make MV your default EPG :
    double-click red button, and choose "External EPG".

Other pages: Front Page, User Guide, FAQ