Logo    MV: Dreambox EPG Plugin

by Pent Vaer

Status: Beta Version 3.5.2 Released
Date: 18/04/2006

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MV is a free EPG plugin for the Dreambox digital satellite receiver, intended to replace both the built in channel list and Multi-EPG.

MV used to be called 'MultiView'. The name was changed to prevent confusion with the existing technology called 'Multiview'.

Full MV source code is released under the GPL. It can be found in every release tarball.

Advantages Over Builtin Software

Known Bugs


Programs on now. Dark blue is a 'favourite', red is the playing program, white is the cursor, grey is a film.

Now/next view. The green/blue bar above each program shows the elapsed/remaining time for it. The bar at the left shows where you are in the channel list.

'Unobtrusive view'. I havn't decided what to do with this one yet, but YOU could do whatever you like!

Time-scaled short term view. The bar at the very top is used to navigate around within the next week.

Time-scaled long-term view.

Channel list. Lists all the program in the playing channel. If the cursor is active, lists all programs for the selected channel. The red time shows that the program is playing now. The yellow bar shows that this is a 'favourite' program. The gray bars show films.

Film list. Shows all films in the data scanned by MV.

Favourites list. Shows all programs matching the user-specified 'favourite' definitions.

All programs list. Shows the next X programs for every channel MV has data for, sorted chronologically.

An alternative version of view 9, it's sorted by channel.

Configures what data MV should read. It could be Enigma cache, saved enigma cache, scanned MHW data or downloaded XMLTV/EPGUI data. Also configures where to store retrieved data.

A lot of the fonts and colours are too.

This is the alias manager, which lets you map names of channels MV has read to names of channels in the user bouquet.

Result of IMDB query: list of possibilities.

IMDB record display. Stars indicate the rating.

Other pages: Download/Install, User Guide, FAQ